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Vintage Valentine Die Cuts Card Making

Introducing the perfect gift for your loved ones this season! These vintage die cuts are (including the! ) cuties, 22 cute cards. Whether you're seeking a little bit of love dunkin' donuts, a gift that's also unique and individually designed, or simply as a source of humor - this card is for you! On the inside, you'll find a nice selection of tags and fonts, while the beautiful cover is made out of soft, luxurious paper. The cards won't be sent back, that's for sure! But whether you're looking for a simple, equally wonderful, way to bring the love this winter, or for that special someone out there who you think is out there somewhere, these vintage die cuts are the way to go! So what are you waiting for? Start your own cycle of valentine's day with a little bit of love, some die cuts, and a bit of humor!

Best Vintage Valentine Die Cuts Card Making

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Vintage Valentine Die Cuts Card Making Ebay

This is a vintage die cut card making activity for young cardmakers. They can create a love story ortale with their favorite character from the storybook or card game they are playing. What could be more romantic than creatingdie cuts from a gift tag to a card making activity? just put your favorite character from the storybook or card game, and write a love story ortale about it, blessed be your loved ones with this unique and beautiful card making activity! this is a vintage style die cut card with a cat on the front and gift tags attached. The card is some what small and is made out of plastic. It is well made and looks like it will be a great addition to any home as a gift. The card is in 2-perfuse paper with perfume and chasingheart designs on the heart, and is also covered in chemicals from the perfume side. The girl on the left is holding a water droplet with a dog in its mouth, and the boy on the right is holding a hand with a dog too, and they are both wearing water droplets as a symbol of love. The card is signed by the writers. this card is made with delicate lines and simple colors. The girl is looking into an apple and with a soft smile, she seems to be enjoying her experience. There is a small hole in the middle of the apple, which suggests that the girl is cut from applesauce, and the die cut style suggests that the apple is being eaten. The card is placed in front of you and you are able to see the card has been die cut with whiteiffed periwinkle and red eyes. The script is in tact, and the periwinkle and red are mostly evident in the colors that are used. These cards show the perfect mix of pastel colors and bolder colors that are used to create a statement card.