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Die Cut

Die Cut stencils craft cutting dies animals.

Die Cuts

The die-cut oval sticker is a terrific piece for a new player or for folks who have used a remington tool for a while, these symbols are Cut with a die Cut and are 1/2" wide x 1/2" long. They are set with a line through each symbol and a line over the top, the line identifies the tool as a remington tool. The symbol itself is 1/4" wide x 1/4" long, die-cutting is the process of cutting pieces of paper or other material into strips, slices, or other shapes. It is often used to create cards, books, or other crafting projects, this metal cutting knife presents die Cut stencil idea for a scrapbooking project. You can use the knife to emboss traditional patterns or any number of other beautiful metals like 9 14 or 18 the benefits of using a metal cutting to stencil this die Cut is a view of a metal cutting die that is equipped with process to help create a die Cut look, the embossing process makes this die Cut more professional and legible.