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Diamond Press Die Cutting Machine

The Diamond Press mini Machine is an enticing tool for and embossing operations, it is straightforward to operate with its simple controls and is excellent for small businesses. The Machine also features a crafters companion lot of products that provide instant customer service.

Diamond Press Die Cutting And Embossing Machine

The Diamond Press marquise die-cutting Machine is a top-notch substitute to get your embossing games starts without all the hassle, with our easy-to-use marquise die-cutting machine, you can get your presses in to emboss games right away! This Machine also gives a predefined embossing that make it basic to get your presses to emboss games. The purple die-cutting and embossing bundle offers the best of both worlds - the ability to cut diamonds, proofs, and other types of embossing and dicing machines, this bundle also includes a beveled saw, clamps, and stand. The saw can be used for general embossing and dicing, but the clamps will help you use the saw to cut diamonds, types of proofs, and other types of embossing and dicing, the stand helps you to get the most out of the Machine and the and embossing machines come with a selection of templates to help you get started. The Diamond Press marquise die cutting Machine is an enticing substitute for folks hunting for a simple, yet effective die cutting tool, the Machine includes an embossing function and can be used to cut thin layers of embossed gold or silver jewelry. This Diamond Press die-cutting Machine is a terrific substitute to get your embossing' your desired results with less effort, the mini Press 2. 5 is even simpler to operate and extends a small footprint making it sterling for small libraries or studios, the Machine can also be programmed to emboss different materials at different densities, making it a first-class alternative for high-endembossing applications.