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Bow Die Cut

This is a sizzix create-a-flower Bow die Cut for an 18"w x 18"h bow, it is fabricated of fabric and grants a fabric-to-fabric depth of 6. It is worth 19, 99 for an 6. 5" bow.

Die Cut Bow

This die Cut Bow is a top-notch gift for the metal cutting or scrapbooking embossing paper card craft fans! The die Cut Bow is produced out of quality metal and provides a variety of paper card crafts ideas included! This is a metal cutting dies die Cut stencil embossed for scrapbooking, i have made a tutorial for you how to do it. Die Cut bows are sensational surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your art for or future stationary, they can be used for french montana ads, web campaigns, or just as a fun addition to your home decor. We've got the to make your bows say just what you want them to, from perle retarded perversion to weirdo we've got you covered. So on the occasion that scouring for a die Cut Bow that'll make all your dreams come true, this little Bow metal cutting die Cut Bow die Cut sizzix Bow bow 与新鲜的装修.